Zipporah eric – Mwaitu wi ngumbau

Many people are familiar with Zipporah Eric. Her most recent releases are currently trending, and many people have begun to understand her song despite the language she uses. You don’t have to understand the language used to judge whether a song is good or a hit. This is the case with Zipporah eric’s new song mwaitu wi ngumbau.

Mwaitu Wi Ngumbau – Zipporah Eric mp3 file

This song is dedicated to our mothers, in particular. Most people after being successful in life forget their mothers who stay in rural areas. Your wealth is meaningless if your mother is in pain.
Let us take care of our mothers, and we thank our queen Zipporah Eric for this Mother’s Day song. Remember how much our parents sacrificed for us to have education, food, and clothes

Enjoy one of the best videos by Zipporah eric called Mwaitu wi ngumbau

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