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Wyse tz ft Thee Pluto – My Baby

It is now in the public that Thee Pluto is now a dad. His wife Felicity delivered a healthy baby gal and they are now parents. Due to the happiness, Thee Pluto decided to release a song that was dedicated to his newborn baby where he featured Wyse Tz. Wyse Tz is not new to many, remember some weeks ago he released a collaboration with Moya David titled Chapo.

Wyse tz ft Thee Pluto – My Baby mp3 file

Thee Pluto is a content creator and he has his own youtube channel where he runs a show called The pluto show. Although many people always comment negatively on this show saying that the show is not real but a staged management, Thee Pluto doesn’t look like giving up but he is seen adding more effort.

After his wife delivered, Kibe who is also a content creator advised Thee pluto to do a DNA test claiming the baby may be from another father. Thee Pluto came out and denied the allegations asking Kibe to keep away from his family matters. Kibe who was formerly a radio presenter at Kiss FM now stays outside the country where he runs his youtube channel.


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