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Willy Paul x Jovial – LaLaLa

Willy Paul’s Lalala has been trending, and you can now get it here. The pairing of these two musicians was one of the best ideas, and I’m sure you’ll all agree that Jovial and Willy Paul did an excellent job.

Video: Willy Paul x Jovial – LaLaLa

Willy Paul x Jovial LaLaLa mp3 download

Willy Paul decided to copy what Tanzanian musicians do before releasing the song Lalala in order to market his collaboration with Jovial. Willy Paul fabricated a situation in which he was involved with Jovial.

Even though Jovial was uncomfortable with the idea, she had to accept it. Jovial couldn’t hold her emotions in any longer and decided to ask his fans whether they supported music or gossip. Jovial says she doesn’t understand why people prefer gossip to good music.

Remember Jovial made headlines after a video of her dancing with Rashid, Lulu Hassan’s husband. Many people called Jovial a variety of derogatory names, claiming that he is a husband thief. Jovial was not pleased, claiming that it was simply part of his performance.

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