Wilberforce Musyoka – Kava Ndiwe Na Yesu

You may try a lot of things, and use a lot of money but in the end, you will realize you only needed to be close to Jesus. This is the message by Wilberforce Musyoka through his new songKava Ndiwe Na Yesu.

Wilberforce Musyoka – Kava Ndiwe Na Yesu mp3 download

This song has come at a time when I need God the most, and it has left me overwhelmed as a result of my trials. I want to give up, but when I rem my two boys, I’m not sure who will come through for us.

Unrivaled grace. A song for all ages. It is preferable to have Jesus as a friend and only Him if having others will separate you from Him.

Enjoy watching Kava Ndiwe Na Yesu video here


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