Wanjiru Wa Waya – Nikwanyitanire

Wanjiru Wa Waya has a hit song titled Nikwanyitanire. The song narrates a common story about what many families go through after the separation of husband and wife. Children are most affected

Wanjiru Wa Waya – Nikwanyitanire mp3 download

Nikwanyitanire by Wanjiru Wa Waya talks about single mothers who are left with Kids after their families left. Wanjiru Wa Waya is asking the father of the kid how he feels to be raising other kids while his own kids he left are having all types of hardship.

Wanjiru Wa Waya says after his husband left, she has never slept with any other man. She praises the mother of his children’s father who has been helping her to raise the children begging his husband to come back so that he can help in raising the kids.

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