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Wakuu music X Sewersydaa Mkadinali – Tunaitaka

Tunaitaka is a collaboration between Wakuu music and Sewersydaa Mkadinali. This is one of the best hip hop so far and for those who love drill music, this will make your day. Wakuu Music is now taking this music game to another level and working with Sewersydaa Mkadinali was the best.

Wakuu music X Sewersydaa Mkadinali – Tunaitaka mp3 download

Another reason to be proud of your native turf. Wakuu na ma Ghetto males have one love. The synchronicity of the imagery and storyline is superb, and I can confidently say that Sewersydaa is adding a completely new and distinct vibe to each song in which he appears.

Watch Tunaitaka video here

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