Wakadinali – Balaluu

Wakadinali has a new song known as Balaluu. As you all know, this group is very creative when it comes to music writing. Their level of creativity is also displayed in their new video which am sure you will love it.

Wakadinali – Balaluu mp3 file

This is currently the world’s accurate definition of Kenya. We are undoubtedly moving on the right path. The choirmaster Domani never lets you down. Scar Mkadinali and Sewersydda’s “Mr. For Real” Wamakoja, Mr. I genuinely admire you guys. I was listening to the Three Musketeers’ hit song! In order for my neighbor to hear it louder, he had to break my window.

You can enjoy Balaluu video  by Wakadinali attached below

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