Wachuka Muchendu – Mugithi Gospel | Live Mix

If you thought that only secular songs could be done in Mugithi style, you should reconsider. Wachuka Muchendu has decided to try something new, and her idea is to perform the Mugithi Gospel song. The Mugithi live mix is now available, and you can listen to it here.

Wachuka Muchendu – Mugithi Gospel mp3

Samidoh and Jose Gatutura are two musicians who are doing exceptionally well with Mugithi. The distinction between the named musicians and Wachuka is that Wachuka performs Gospel Mugithi while the others perform secular music.

As I write this, Wachuka Muchendu youtube channel has more than 23k subscribers. Some of her videos have more than 300k Views and many are appreciating her hard work. When we are operating in accordance with the spirit, God is the center of our hearts.

We don’t give much thought to what the outside world may think of us. Moving closer to our objective of becoming more like Jesus is important to us. Wachuka Muchendu added energy to this mixture, which makes it more vibrant! The Mugithi Queen! Keep going, dear

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