Vic West – Kuna Kuna ft. Fathermoh, Savara, Brandy Maina & Thee Exit Band

Kuna Kuna is currently one of the most popular songs. This type of song demonstrates that many people appreciate simplicity. If you listen to the Kuna Kuna chorus, you will notice that it sounds like the song was written for children. Those who used to listen to singing game songs will understand my entire point.

Vic West – Kuna Kuna ft. Fathermoh mp3 audio file

Kuna Kuna Lyrics ( Chorus)

My hands your waist, my heart away
Unanikuna kuna, nikuna kuna
My lips your lips, they touch we kiss
Unanikuna kuna, nikuna kuna

The musicians in this song were well chosen, not to mention Fathermoh, who is doing extremely well with his Dai Dai song. Sauti sol was also represented by one of their members who goes by the name ” Savara”, who made the Kuna Kuna song sound even better.

It was also a good idea to shoot this video on the street because it shows the true face of Africa. Dancers also contributed with their energetic moves. As I write this, the song is still trending on YouTube, and it is currently ranked third in the music category. It has already received over 2.5 million views.

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