Vestine & Dorcas – Nzakomora

When two or more meet for prayers, the prayers are answered very fast. Despite their age, Vestine, and Dorcas always do great music together and many people love their music. They do gospel songs and Nzakomora is their latest release.

Vestine & Dorcas – Nzakomora mp3

There was a time they had some misunderstanding with their manager and it was said that their parent contributed to this claiming that their manager was taking too much from the two girls living them with little to share.

After several meetings, they agreed to work again with their manager and we can now see the fruit of their hard work. We wish them all the best and may Almighty God assist them and give them all the wisdom so that they can continue spreading the gospel.

You can also watch Vestine & Dorcas – Nzakomora video here

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