Vaileth Mwaisumo – Nenda na Mimi

Watching video music by Vaileth Mwaisumo may make you cry. This musician from Tanzania is talented and when it comes to acting, she does it naturally. Nenda na mimi is an example of how great she is at acting.

Vaileth Mwaisumo – Nenda na Mimi mp3 download

Vaileth Mwaisumo is from Tanzania and I think people are now understanding her. Her music is are kind of praise and worship and she has contributed a lot as far as gospel music in Tanzania is concerned.

The song talks about a journey that Vailet Mwaisumo wants to undertake but he is asking for protection from Almighty God since the way to the place she wants to go is full of mess and without God on her side, The journey may end immature

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