Vaileth Mwaisumo – Moyo Umechoka mp3 download

Although this is not the real name of this song, Moyo umechoka by Vaileth Mwaisumo is one of the most loved songs by this Tanzanian musician. The original name od this song is known as Nigange but people like calling it Moyo umechoka.

Vaileth Mwaisumo – Moyo Umechoka mp3 file

The song’s message is unmistakable. Vaileth Mwaisumo is on the verge of giving up, thus she is pleading with The Almighty God for assistance. There are times when you believe that everything is moving against you and that you are unable to stop it. In his most recent song, Moyo Umechoka, Vaileth Mwaisumo advises us that this is the moment to ask God for assistance.

Watch Vaileth Mwaisumo – Moyo Umechoka video here

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