Umenibeba By Tumaini

One of the songs that always ring in almost everyone’s mind after being successful. It is a way of Thanksgiving and Tumaini did a very good job because everyone can relate to this song. Umenibeba will always be every the time song.

Umenibeba By Tumaini

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I first heard this song from a friend who used to play it every morning while getting ready for school, as a BOM teacher that was early this year, right now I am jamming to this song while abroad doing my masters, so I am grateful for this far. Amenibeba Mungu

Summary of my life, I was in an accident in 2018, and since then I’ve been having headaches that lead to convulsions. God is good because I was connected with the right Cuban doctor, who diagnosed me and identified the problem: I had a clot in my brain. God is good because am now healed

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