Tumbala – Samkeystar X Fleva Alkee

The Kalenjin are currently working hard to ensure that their music is on par with that of other Kenyan tribes. So far, there are more than 20 Kalenjin musicians making wonderful music, and their songs can be found all over social media. Tumbala is the latest Kalenjin song by Samkeystar and Fleva Alkee that is doing well right now.

Tumbala e mp3 download

Finally, we have Dumbala. She has arrived. Wow, what beautiful vocals. I’m only here for unusual beats. big tunes records and Samkista you worked really hard on it dj Dan congratulations samkistar don’t cool again. Let us promote music from all tribes that represent Kenyans on a global scale.

Watch Tumbala video here

You can also listen to Motebie by Uncle Styles here


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