Tommy Flavour & Marioo – Nakuja

Marioo is now becoming the King of collaboration and every song he is involved in must be a hit. His latest collaboration is nakuja which is between him and Tommy Flavour. I hope, as usual, this will become a hit. Remember Marioo Launched his album some days ago which was attended by almost all the celebrities in Tanzania.

Tommy Flavour & Marioo – Nakuja mp3 download

You can enjoy Tommy Flavour’s “Nakuja” official lyrics music video, which stars Marioo. The Lyrics Music Video was directed by Beel and filmed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

A song with a message about showing up to visit your love—in spite of traffic or other obstacles—promises to do so and ensure that they connect, meet, and enjoy themselves to the fullest. This song is a party song with a message of love.

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