Stephen Kasolo – Ni Ebenezer 2023

Stephen Kasolo, one of the Kamba gospel musicians has decided to release a song that is dedicated to the new year, 2023. The name of this new song by Kasolo is “Ni Ebenezer 2023”

Stephen Kasolo – Ni Ebenezer 2023 mp3 file

Another musician who also released a song that was dedicated this year is Justina syokau. At the moment she isn’t happy to see many people have been giving negative comments about her failed idea of clout chasing.

Justina claimed that she underwent surgery to enlarge her buttocks later for people to discover that it was a fake story and idea. According to Kenyans, Justina just added some cloth materials on her back just to convince people that she has a big butt.

You can enjoy watching Stephen Kasolo – Ni Ebenezer 2023 video attached below

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