Spice Diana – Baligeya

Baligeya is the name of the new song by Spice Diana. This lady comes from Uganda and she has been in music for many years now meaning she is becoming much more experienced day by day. When someone is talking or listing Ugandan musicians, Spice Diana must be on the list.

Spice Diana – Baligeya mp3 download

Your dedication to this song’s performance is truly motivating. “Even though you’ve always had good sound, this was your best! You never cease to astound me with what you can achieve with your voice; all your hard work paying off! More blessings and spice mama, good music.

This song’s interlude is really well done. You have an incredible singing range. I adore how each of your tracks moves along a different story. You have great singing power and a lot of potentials. beyond words gorgeous. This voice is deserving of recognition.

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