Sifaeli Mwabuka – Yale Nisiyoweza Bwana Anaweza

Sifaeli Mwabuka’s musical abilities are unrivaled. Yale Nisiyoweza Bwana Anaweza is his latest release. This person will always tell us the truth. He does not follow the new music generation because he understands that the gospel industry is looking for someone who understands gospel teaching and knows how to proclaim the gospel of Christ via songs.

Sifaeli Mwabuka – Yale Nisiyoweza Bwana Anaweza mp3 download

He is a pure man of God, and your songs always inspire me to keep going. Nice song, only the Lord Our God has power over everything. Mr Sifaeli Mwabuka, keep doing good songs and we will always support you.

Watch Yale Nisiyoweza Bwana Anaweza video here


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