The twenty- year rising kenyan star had been hosting a show in NRG Radio untill eight months ago when she went off air unexpectedly.

She later clarified that she was overwhelmed by the job at NRG Radio and she could not perform to her best hence she had to take a break.She also said she was battling with severe anxiety attacks.

On an interview with Dr.Kingori on the Wicked Edition on NTV,she left the fans worried after walking out during a live interview.She said she was having anxiety attacks.She was sharing a story of a friend who betrayed her trust saying ”Man I have dona a couple of stupid things for people am not going to lie.And I think has has thought me not to trust anyone.You need to trust and be loyal to your self.”

The story she was sharing must have triggered her anxiety attacks thats when she walked out of the interview.

”Can we stop a bit?For real can we actually stop?I have an anxiety attack.Yeah. It is so bad.” asked Ronoh.

Dr.Kingori later apologiezed to the viewers saying she could not continue with the interview.”Guys Rono cannot continue with this interview with us,na vile she was such a vibe.Amepata anxiety attacks and and I think its a condition she is dealing with and she will be fine.”He said.

On the interview she said she has been paying rent for a friend for three months,later the friend betrayed her trust and loyalty when he went behind her back talking horrible things about her.

Few weeks ago,Chebet Ronoh shared on her Instagram page that she is back on radio and she could not hide her excitement.

She announced that she would be GMoney and Neville for a morning show in HOMEBOYZ Radio.

Chebet Ronoh is the youngest presenter in kenya right now.

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