Sammy Irungu – Nindaukiirwo Kumenya

Sammy Irungu has a new song titled Nindaukiirwo Kumenya. For those who love Kikuyu song, you will definitely enjoy this one and as you all know, Sammy Irungu never disappoint from day one upto now

Sammy Irungu – Nindaukiirwo Kumenya mp3 file

One of the musicians whose songs you can listen to without forwarding…I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately, and now that the video is out, everything is just perfect. Another smash More grace in the ministry, glory to God Sammy, I adore your songs!

The fact that you know so much about the Bible! May God continue to bless you. After hearing this, I feel renewed and full of hope; may we gain the knowledge to fulfill his promises.

Enjoy watching Sammy Irungu – Nindaukiirwo Kumenya video attached below

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