Sammy Irungu – Maguta Mari Thina

Maguta Mari Thina is a new hit song by Sammy Irungu. This is one of the best songs Sammy Irungu has ever produced. It doesn’t matter whether you understand Kikuyu but I promise you will enjoy this new song by Sammy Irungu.

Sammy Irungu – Maguta Mari Thina mp3 file

A blessed man cannot be killed or destroyed! Sammy irungu is that seed that, no matter what, will always find a way to germinate. Excellent song. When I’m feeling down, I put on my earphones and listen to all of your songs back to back.

I’m always crying, but the words of your songs make me feel better. You are a blessing to many people, my dear. Don’t let the devil or his agents convince you otherwise. Enjoy Maguta Mari Thina video by Sammy Irungu

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