Sammy Irungu Ft. Irungu Wikanyire – Mukinyaniria Wa Iroto

Mukinyaniria Wa Iroto by Sammy Irungu and Irungu Wikanyire is available for listening. You can also enjoy watching a great video by these two Kikuyu musicians who are well-known countrywide. The lyrics are on point and am sure you will enjoy them.

Mukinyaniria Wa Iroto mp3 download

Every song that goes viral on social media and other platforms surely transforms many souls…and in the realm of the spirits, there is a discernible scent and perfume of great spiritual anointing. All praise be to Yahweh. God bless you, big brother Sammy, for answering the call of the ecclesia.

Watch Mukinyaniria Wa Iroto video here


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