Rotaga Na Unene By Phyllis Mbuthia

Rotaga Na Unene is another release by Phyllis Mbuthia. For those who love Kikuyu songs, this one by Phyliss should not miss on your playlist. Being in the music industry for many years proves that she understands and knows what music is all about

Rotaga Na UneneĀ  mp3 download

I want to inspire everyone listening to this song to dream big and have the most expansive vision they can. If you start working on it from what you already know and have to the unknown, with God as your support, you will eventually be able to help your relatives. Godspeed on your big dreaming! That was a message by Phyliss Mbuthia.

Watch Rotaga Na Unene attached below

You can listen to sisi wote by Phyllis Mbuthia here

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