Rev Ruth Wamuyu – Yahweh Hamashiach

Rev Ruth Wamuyu is well known as an evangelist but he is also among the top ten gospel musicians in Kenya. Although she doesn’t release music now and then, this woman always makes sure her music is well composed and contains the best message to the people. Yahweh Hamashiach is her new release and you will agree she has done a great job.

Yahweh Hamashiach mp3 file

It is the appropriate time and season to honor Jesus and extol His holiness. He is both the I AM and the Messiah. Even in times of immense uncertainty, He will make a path where there appears to be none. I can’t get enough of this music; it’s fantastic to thank God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; sometimes when you can’t pray, just dance and praise Him; you’ll be amazed; let’s go.

Watch Yahweh Hamashiach video here

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