Rayvanny feature his ex wife in his new video: Is Rayvanny and Fayvanny back together?

Nobody could have expected that Rayvanny would be capable of featuring his ex-wife in his new song video indefinitely. Many people are surprised by this and delighted to see them together. People want to know if the two have made the decision to continue where they left off.

After several misunderstandings, Rayvanny split up with Fayvanny and began dating Kajala’s daughter Paula. For a reason that is still unknown, the two broke up a few months ago. Many began speculating that Rayvanny and his ex-wife might be reuniting when they were spotted together at his brother’s funeral a few months ago.

Rayvanny - Forever

In numerous interviews, Fayvanny has been overheard admiring the father of her child. She has occasionally said that no one will be able to block God’s will if He has planned for them to come back together. The two’s mutual trust is their best quality, and neither has ever made a negative comment about the other.

What comes next after the forever video that featured Fayvanny? Are Fayvanny and Rayvanny reconciled once more? Keep it here while we continue to wait for the fold. Alternatively, we wish them well just in case they have reconciled; if not, we urge them to do so for the benefit of their child.

Watch Rayvanny – Forever video here



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