Phyllis Mbuthia – Wira Wa Giko

Phyllis Mbuthia has just released a new song by the name, Wira Wa Giko. This song is the kind of Kikuyu song that you will enjoy even if you don’t understand the Kikuyu Language. The song arrangement is incredible.

Phyllis Mbuthia – Wira Wa Giko mp3 download

Phyllis You are the reason I am confident that one day, people will hear my voice and the message that the Lord has placed in my heart through music. I respect you. This message is incredible. Most of the time, we want to go far and beyond in many ways, in God’s service, in our personal endeavors, and so on.

However, going far will require more than just desire, but also intention. We’ll Begin by Forgiving Everyone. Enjoy watching Wira Wa giko by Phyllis Mbuthia attached below

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