Ohangla mix 2022 mp3 download

They say being a Luo is very expensive and you need to have a lot of cash to be able to live this kind of lifestyle. Rather than living expensive life, Luos have their own kind of music which is well known as Ohangla.

Ohangla mix mp3 download

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This music is kind of slow and the Swahili says, “Mziki Bila Jasho” which simply means that when dancing to this kind of music, you need not sweat but enjoy this kind of music.

There are some well-known musicians in Luo who deals with this kind of music. they include Odongo swag, Elisha Toto, Prince Indah, and many more. Ohangla is well arranged when it comes to instrumentation and most of the Ohangla musicians prefer recording this kind of music with live instruments.

Ohangla shows invite a lot of people whether old or young and they enjoy this music. The musicians make a lot of cash with this great music and most of them live a very expensive life

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