Ndiri Mwihia – Lizz Guchuh

Ndiri Mwihia is another Kikuyu gospel song by Lizz Guchuh. The video was done in a nice place and the quality is on point. The audio was also well-mixed and we can say her producers did a good job

Ndiri Mwihia – Lizz Guchuh mp3 download

Each and every day, Kikuyu musicians are born and we must be proud of that. If you have been following the Kikuyu music industry, You must have come across musicians like Jemimah Thiongo, Esther Wahome, Eunice Njeri, and many more. Those are the pioneer as far as Kikuyu gospel music is concerned.

Lizz Guchuh is another Kikuyu musician who is also doing great. Although she has not been in the industry for long, Lizz always releases hit songs that are received with a lot of love by her followers, Not only Kikuyu people who support her talent but also other tribes who don’t even understand the Kikuyu language

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