Nay Wa Mitego – Sauti Ya Watu

If you are familiar with Nay Wa Mitego then you will agree with me that he doesn’t fear anyone even his own government. Nay Wa Mitego’s song Sauti Ya Watu is devoted to those who work in government.

According to Nay, they should make sure that all the services the people desire are offered in light of the fact that they were elected by citizens. They shouldn’t buy fancy cars with the tax that the citizen pays. He added that although the government constructs hospitals, the facilities lack medicines.

Watch Sauti ya watu video by Nay wa Mitego

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This one is fantastic by the one and only Nay wa Mitego. Nay obtained the truth about the current East African economy. Nay wa Mitego has managed to explain the true story in less than 4 minutes in this song. You are true patriotism by speaking out loud and clear. He’s just raised your voice beyond the boundaries.

Many Kenyans admire what this man is doing more than the people he is fighting for. Ney is carrying out the duties of the MPs elected by Tanzanians. This man is legendary.

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