Natacha – Walete

Walete Natacha is now available. For those who don’t know Natacha, She is one of the best female musicians from Africa. Natacha isĀ  based in Burundi and through her music, she has taken his country to the next level as far as Burundi music is concerned

Video : Natacha – Walete

Natacha – Walete mp3 download

Walete video is a nice video and it has a modern setup. For those who understand visuals, you will all agree with me that the director of this video by Natacha did a great thing. The dancer in the video also did great work not forgetting the Dj setup which is bringing something different from what many are used to.

Natacha attires are also on point and the idea of mixing different colors in her wardrobe was well calculated because it makes his video look colorful. Enjoy this great music

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