Naomi Karanja – Ndiui ingikite atia

Naomi Karanja has just released a new Kikuyu song titled Ndiui ingikite atia. This song is like a praise and worship song because the full message praises the Lord for what he has done to Naomi Karanja. The song is great and this time Naomi Karanja has done a recommendable job

Naomi Karanja – Ndiui ingikite atia mp3 file

The video is full of energy and you can check it here

Naomi Karanja Ndiui Ingikite atia English Transilation

Naomi Karanja – Ndiui ingikite atia English Lyrics

” You have given me your grace so that I can sing even at night, and my prayer to God is my life; what would I have done, oh Lord, if you had not helped me this year? It is better to put your trust in the Lord than in man. I pushed back and was about to fall, but the Lord intervened. As the Lord is my strength, I sing.

You have given me a voice in your tents, and your hand has sustained me. My soul, return to your rest, for the Lord has been good to you. The Lord has saved me from death and dried my tears. The Lord, like a father, pities his children. He helped the weak and lifted them….”

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