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Nakupenda – Vijana BaruBaru & Gogo Ashley

Vijana BaruBaru and Gogo Ashley have released a new song called Nakupenda. These musicians should collaborate, and I must admit that they understand music better than anyone else. Vijana Barubaru projects should always incorporate Gogo Ashley. She adds flavor to their songs. This love song will quickly become everyone’s favorite.

Nakupenda – Vijana BaruBaru & Gogo Ashley mp3 download

When Ashley started singing, I found myself bawling. because the sweetness was too much for me. Now that I’ve played it three times, I keep passing out. It’s simply too much. I’m in the hospital, and the doctors say that my heart has finally fallen in love. The doctor has given his approval to ni wera ni wera ni wera. Please don’t do this to us.

Watch Nakupenda video here




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