Musamo – Wilberforce Musyoka × Fred Omondi

Musamo is another song by Wilberforce Musyoka and Fred Omondi. The combination is so real and you may think the two have a group together. Both have been in the music industry for many years, especially  Wilberforce Musyoka.

Musamo – Wilberforce Musyoka × Fred Omondi mp3 download

Who else was impressed by the way Fred Omondi sunk to the key? The best duo. Such Holy Spirit flow and poise. God bless you, God’s servants. And may this life make sense to everyone who hears this powerful song.

May you be able to appreciate its splendor? Lord, please help me to be the salt of the earth, and may my brothers and sisters never be deprived of the taste of your everlasting salt. The song is an inspiration to all of us to never lose our taste.

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