Muhonokia Witu – Hiram Maina Ft Grace Mwai & Becky Gaitho

When great musicians come together, you can always expect a hit tune. Hiram Maina’s new single, Muhonokia witu, features Grace Mwai and Becky Gaitho. Everyone in this song did an excellent job, and the finished product is fantastic. I believe the three Kikuyu musicians should collaborate on further projects.

Muhonokia Witu mp3 download

Grace sings in a way that comes from her Spirit. She sings every syllable with sincerity. You two are a match made in heaven. Such a lovely tune, Kamuhunjia. Hiram, you are a divinely anointed vessel of praise and worship…yours comes from the spirit. During these trying times, I pray that God will use this song to minister to each and every one of you. God bless everyone.

watch the Muhonokia video here

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