Mkono Wa Bwana By Zabron Singers

The song is more than seven years old but people will always relate to its message. Mkono wa bwana by Zabron Singers is evergreen and this song made them among those musicians who were invited to perform in Kenyan President Ruto’s inauguration ceremony

Mkono Wa Bwana By Zabron Singers mp3 file

A lot of people have made confessions about their life in relation to mkono wa Bwana by Zabron Singers. Attached below are some of the people’s comments about the song and what it reminds them about their life

Youtube comment from Astridah Samupwa

” I was traveling to Namibia alone when I lost my father. The aircraft was delayed, and as I waited in the boarding area, I sobbed uncontrollably to the music. It was one of the hardest periods of my life. I listened to this song, prayed when I eventually touched down at HKIA, and was reminded once more that God is always good no matter what we are dealing with. ”

Youtube comment from Nicko Mathekah

” This song reminds me of God’s response to my prayers in 2020… I was working in a hotel in Taita Taveta county. I had a University grade (B+), but funding to attend campus was an issue. I was praying one evening when I began to cry bitterly, telling God that I wanted to continue my studies. He heard my prayers and responded. As we speak I’m in my third year at the University of Embu. I will sing for you, my Lord, all the days of my life.”

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