Milka Koech – Sikutoka Kufanya Umalaya

This family is going through a lot right now, and I think the song is meant to reflect that. I’m referring to Sikutoka Kufanya Umalaya, a brand-new song by Milka Koech. Although there has been a change in the types of music, there are still times when I just sit and listen to Cyrus and Milka’s older songs. I wish more people were finding marital success than failure.

Milka Koech – Sikutoka Kufanya Umalaya mp3 download

I enjoy the sounds and the song itself. However, Milka is solely aiming her maturity and concern at Cyrus. On the opposite side, Cyrus is attacking everyone everywhere. Family troubles are no laughing matter right now, it appears. A few years ago, the Cyrus family served as an example for many new families but look at it today.

Let’s pray fervently for this family and the others that suffer in silence over the same, in my opinion. We must distinguish between home life and societal life. What you are doing, milka, is not the best strategy, mama. Simply step away from the spotlight for a while and reflect on your life, your young children, and your family as a whole.

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