Methuselah Gideon – Naman | Latest Kalenjin Song

Naman is the name of this new song by Methuselah Gideon. This song is the latest Kalenjin song and as usual, this musician did a great job. You may not understand the Kalenjin language but this song will make your day

Methuselah Gideon – Naman mp3 download

If you thought Kalenjins are only better when it comes to athletics, you better think again. This tribe is blessed and at the moment the present Kenyan president, William Samoe Ruto comes from Kalenjin. Methuselah Gideon may be new to many but he is celebrated in his region simply because he is among the best Kalenjin musicians.

Because this guy’s voice is so incredible, the song is so touching that I had to watch the video over and over. We want to congratulate you and wish you continued success with your music.

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