Menye Nkera – Dj Queen X Leshao Leshao

Dj Queen and Leshao Leshao, the only musician in Kenya who has two names that looks the same have released a collaboration titled Menye Nkera. You will enjoy this song no matter where you come from even if you don’t understand the language used.

Menye Nkera mp3 file

Leshao and DJ Quen have released a riveting song, elevating Maasai music to new heights, in a breathtaking demonstration of musicianship. Their teamwork and pursuit of showbiz clout have infused the business with enthusiasm and innovation.

They’ve become ambassadors of unity, promoting the beauty of diversity, with their seamless blend of traditional and modern music. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment, and thank you for inspiring us all with your extraordinary music. Keep shining and encouraging Maasai tunes over the world. Lemiso Patrick aka ThePoorBillionaire sends his love.

watch Menye Nkera video here

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