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Mchina Mweusi Feat. Phina – Nikiachwa Kama Nimeacha

Mchina Mweusi and Phina have come together and they have released a song titled Nikiachwa Kama Nimeacha. The instrumental will make you keep dancing the whole day and i can say the producer of this song did a great job

Mchina Mweusi Feat. Phina – Nikiachwa Kama Nimeacha mp3 file

With numerous hits from the start of her career, Phina is the most promising new-era bongo fleva musician. She is currently well known for her iconic smash single #UPO NYONYO. She has been putting out success after hit, and she managed to have one of the best east African collaborations, #SUPER WOMAN, with Kenya’s finest OTILE BROWN.

Currently, she has the most popular song in circulation, #HAYAA. She has collaborated with MCHINA MWEUSI, a talented Singeli singer who has recorded the original versions of hits like #NIITE MBWA and #NIKIACHWA KAMA NIMEACHA. The upcoming street anthem # NIKIACHWA KAMA NIMEACHA was produced by PHINA & MCHINA MWEUSI.

Watch Phina new video titled  Nikiachwa Kama Nimeacha ft Mchina Mweusi

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