Mary Lincon – Ruhiu Rutuhu

In this song, Ruhiu rutuhu, Mary Lincon narrates how she has been in a fight with the devil recently. Because of praying to the living God, she seems to be winning. According to her, everyone is a sinner but we are required to repent as we wait for the judgment.

Mary Lincon – Ruhiu Rutuhu mp3 download

You can check Ruhiu Rutuhu video here

You all remember what Mary Lincon went through after her bedroom photos leaked to the public. She seems to be doing well at the moment and she is doing what she does most i.e releasing hit after hit all the release seems to be performing well and you can check them on her youtube channel.

Am left wondering why people like it when someone is going through some challenges in his life. After the leakage of Mary Lincon’s nude photos, there we those who were celebrating commenting on all hate messages, and bloggers taking advantage. Remember this can happen to anyone so let us not judge Mary Lincon

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