Mary Lincon Photos : Mary Lincon Kamuhuri

Mary Lincon is a Kikuyu gospel musician who has been trending for some days ago after her nude photos leaked to the internet. It is not yet known who did leak Mary Lincon photos but the word of the street says he wrongly sent the photos to someone who decided to leak them

Mary Lincon had nothing else to do but hold some special prayers with her local pastor and some of her friends. For those who don’t know Mary Lincon, she is the musician behind songs like Kamuhuri, Baba hithurira, and many more.

mary lincon viral photo

After Mary Lincon nude photos were leaked, a lot of people came to the conclusion that she did it intentionally to chase clout but according to her she never intended. Some of her close friends and fellow musicians came to her rescue with an aim of protecting her name urging him not to worry all was going to be well

Mary Lincon Songs

  1. Mary Lincon РBaba Hithuriria  РVideo

Mary Lincon – Baba Hithuriria mp3 download

2. Mary Lincon – Kamuhari – Video

Mary Lincon – Kamuhari mp3 download


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