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Mapopo mbona ume shalala | Mavokali -Commando

This is one of the most trending song. Mapopo mbona ume shalala is not the real name of this song but it is like everyone searches for this song using these lines. The song is called Commando by the one and only Mavokali. If you are listening to this song without watching it video, you may think the song belongs to Diamond Platnumz.

Mavokali -Commando mp3

Mavokali has been in the most for some years now and he should thank the Tiktok people for making this song great. The funny thing about this song is that the best part of it is the bridge, not even the chorus or verse one.

Mapopo mbona ume shalala is some of the lines contained in the bridge of this song towards the end. The song was released one month ago and as of now, it has for than 2.1 million views on youtube. You can enjoy the video below

Mavokali Commando video

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