Mambo Ya Mhesh Remix – Bahati, Diana B, Ssaru and Sosuun

The wait is over and guess what, Mambo ya Mhesh remix is now out. If you remember the song was previously done by Bahati who has decided to release a remix with his fellow musicians. Some of the known musicians in this remix include Ssaru, Diana B and Sosuun. The video is on point and the quality is massive.

Mambo Ya Mhesh Remix – Bahati, Diana B, Ssaru and Sosuun mp3 file

Enjoy Mambo ya Mhesh remix video here

The song is now trending on youtube just a few days after its release. All the musicians in this remix did the best and the song sounds greater than the original song. Diana B also did a great job although he was in recovery mode after delivering her newborn. The comment on the youtube channel is very appealing and everyone thinks the song deserves to be a hit song.

Diana gave it her best. She gets better with every song. All that matters is determination. Ssaru, on the other hand, is constantly at a higher level. But Diana’s delivery and line delivery are extraordinary. This smash is incredible; everyone performed admirably, and the chorus and rap are both fantastic. Thanks to Bahati for reintroducing Sosuun to the music scene, this is hot.

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