Lizz Guchuh – Gitumi

Lizz Guchuh is back again after being silent for a long time. She has released one of the best Kikuyu worship songs titled, Gitumi. The song is now trending online and you can enjoy listening and watching this latest song by Lizz Guchuh.

Gitumi mp3 file

What a beautiful and great line from a song…Lizz Min, You are very fortunate. Your songs are merely sermons that one might deliver every day. I pray that everyone who hears this song will become a more godly person. Greetings on your newest hit, “Gitumi,” Minister Lizz! Your songs never cease to amaze me with their profound revelation of the cross’s accomplished work.

watch Gitumi video here

Your profound insight and unwavering faith are demonstrated in every song’s lyrics. Your music has the capacity to stir emotions and draw listeners closer to God. Through these magnificent praise songs, continue to shine your light. Your anointing is genuine.

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