List Of Food Festivals In Kenya

There are many food festivals in Kenya, many of which we don’t even know about. Food festivals are usually held annually and use food as their main theme.

Below is a list of food festivals that you should check out and attend in Kenya.

1. Lamu Food Festival

The Lamu Food Festival happens in April for two days. Traditional cooks and street food vendors from across Lamu County usually do their setup along the Lamu Seafront, reminiscent of Zanzibar. This festival involves cooking competitions, talks from renown Kenyan chefs and of course sampling the best Swahili dishes.

2. Cake Festival

The Cake Festival festival is a premier industry event in Nairobi. It offers a unique opportunity for the cake industry gurus; home-based traders, as well as starters,  to not only open up their service to thousands of visitors but also establish links in the industry under one forum from hospitality, wedding business, catering, latest cakes, designs and dessert to beverage and kitchen equipment. The festival is enriched with healthy options, education about the industry & a wide range of opportunities that draw thousands of visitors.  All this makes it the perfect place to reach the retail or food service. The money collected from ticket sales funds different charities. This years’s Cake festival was held on 29th June 2019 at The Carnivore Grounds.

3. Nairobi Food Festival

Nairobi Food Festival is Kenya’s premier event for the authentic experience of Local and International culinary delights whilst keeping company with great fun and entertainment. This event brings thousands to the vibrant multicultural and cosmopolitan city of Nairobi for an unparalleled food experience. As a vendor/exhibitor your business stands to win big as thousands interact with your brand at a personal level. There are many spaces for vendors to sell their foods and drinks, beer gardens for adult and even a Kid’s village for children some little fun.

4. Nairobi Restaurant Week

This is one of Nairobi’s most attended culinary event with over 70 restaurants participating. The annual culinary event is in its sixth year, and as with previous years, it will most likely be extended in some restaurants due to public demand. Meals here range from Sh950 for a two-course and around Sh2,000 for a three-course inclusive of a complimentary drink. This event goes on for a week and some days.

5. The Nairobi Japan Food Festival

This festival’s aim is to bring a brand-new culinary experience to Nairobi by integrating Japanese ingredients in Kenyan cuisine. This is evident in the original Japanese-Kenyan fusion recipe that was created by the Executive Chef of Nyama Mama Delta, Mr Lesiamon Sempele. This festival happens in Nyama Mama Delta and Zucchini ABC Place for two days each on each restaurant.

6. Nairobi Black Food Festival

Held at J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen Muthangari, Nairobi Black Food Festival is all about your favourite dishes in black which are creatively experimented with flavoured by some of Nairobi’s most innovative and inventive culinary minds. Black food isn’t just artificially coloured, regular food. Some of the most sought after ingredients are black: from the finest coffee, decadent dark chocolate, luscious blackberries, to traditional balsamic vinegar that has been made for centuries using traditional methods

This year’s Nairobi Black Food Festival will happen on 20 October 2019 at The J’s.