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Kontawa X Harmonize – Champion remix

Champion by Kontawa is now available. Kontawa released the original song some time ago and he has now decided to do a remix of Champion with Harmonize. The remix is fairing well considering that Harmonize has been hitting headlines after dismissing Anjella from his record label.

Kontawa X Harmonize – Champion remix mp3 download

Enjoy the Champion remix audio video here

Harmonize has been managing Anjella for some years before calling it to quit. We can’t just judge Harmonize for what he recently did to Anjella, we should also thank him because he made Anjella who she is today. The best thing is that Harmonize announced that he doesn’t need any penny from her and wished her all the best in her carrier.

As we enjoy Champion Remix by Kontawa, we can’t forget all the musicians who have benefited from working with Harmonize including Killy, Ibraah, and many more. Long live Harmonize and continue helping the new talents

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