Komando Wa Yesu – Hawanielewi

Another one from Komando Wa Yesu is titled Hawanielewi. This now is what we have been waiting for. remember this guy had a hit song some months ago and that song went viral. We are expecting hawanielewi will be a big song soon.

Hawanielewi mp3 download

This song is truly a blessing to me. Humans are difficult to comprehend. Only God understands us better. Beautiful song People can fail you at any time, but only God cannot fail. Listening to this Tanzanian gospel musician is like receiving a supernatural embrace in the middle of life’s storms. Their music penetrates my spirit, telling me that no matter what, there is hope and goodness waiting for us. Nice songs Komando wa Yesu keep on giving us more.

Watch Hawanielewi video here


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