Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park: Why You Should Visit

Why You Should Visit Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park
Did you know that national parks are not restricted to land? Did you also know that the Kenyan coast has some of the most beautiful collection of wild sea life? The musical Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is the perfect destination for anyone that loves everything sea. From the views, to the waves, to the jaw-dropping magnificence of different fish and sea creatures. Here are some reasons why you should head out to Kwale for a life changing experience.

Unmatched scenery

Before getting lost in all there is to discover below sea level, the scenery alone in Kwale District is amazing. The marine park is located 90 kilometres from Mombasa town with less populated beaches and shorelines. At the marine park, you get to see the wild side of the sea with beautiful rock features, vast clear waters and beautiful blue skies. The scenery here is nothing short of divine.

Majestic coral reefs

Coral reefs in the sea are what forests are to land. Corals reefs act as homes for millions of sea life. From microscopic plankton to the larger starfish and octopus. The coral reef barrier present at Kisite is so vast; it spreads all the way to Malindi unbroken. You will therefore get to witness one of the most extraordinary features of the sea.

Mysterious sea birds

The tree-less rock cliffs present at Kisite Mpunguti are the occasional breeding and nesting grounds for hundreds of sea birds. Unlike other aviary, sea birds do not like or live on trees or other plants. They love the bare rocks, which allow them the free space they are accustomed to in the ocean. As a result, Kisite is listed as an IBA (Important Bird Area). Visiting anytime between July and September will guarantee you a peek into this wonder.

The intriguing underwater world

Do you enjoy snorkelling or diving? Then Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park is one of the most ideal places for this. The clear and clean waters boasts of thousands of sea life that has been referred to as a rainbow. Snorkelling here will allow you to see beautifully coloured fish of all sizes, shapes and forms, an experience not many can boast of. Among the common fish found at the park, include parrotfish, rubber fish, scorpion fish, different sized sharks and stingrays. There are also a number of molluscs including crabs, sea cucumbers and starfishes.

Dolphins and whales

Perhaps the most enticing part of visiting Kisite Mpunguti is the chance to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. These friendly mammals love playing in the water, and when they feel comfortable, enough can come within inches of you. The park has three major types of dolphins namely spinner, bottle-nosed and humpbacked dolphins. These total to approximately 200 individuals. Visiting the marine park between July and December might guarantee you a chance to spot humpback whales that come to give birth in the warm Kenyan waters.

Shimoni Caves

Lastly, after having a tremendous time at the marine park, you will have one more adventure waiting for you. The Shimoni Caves sit less than 10 minutes’ walk from the park. Shimoni caves are famous because of their 19th-century history where they were used as slaveholding cells. The now bat-infested structures are open for visitors and it would be a great way to get a personal interaction with the coastal history.