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Kimeturamba – Justina Syokau 2020

“Kimeturamba,” Justina Syokau’s most recent album, explains how Kenyans are suffering because of the high cost of living, and is an example of how she consistently makes sure to take advantage of whatever is popular. Due to the increased taxation by the Kenyan government, small business owners struggle with their operations.

Kimeturamba – Justina Syokau mp3 download

This patriot is utilizing her skills to confront the issues plaguing our country and to speak for a bigger group of people who live in misery and struggle on our beloved Kenya. Thank you for letting God know about our concerns in such a wonderful song; everything is extremely nice. I salute you, sweetheart; congrats Justina, keep going and may you always be blessed in the name of Jesus.

Watch the Kimeturamba video here

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