Kenyan Throwback Old School Local Genge Mix Vol 1 – Dj Shinski [Nameless, Nonini, E sir, Jua cali]

Do you remember those days when music was music? We used to have very talented musicians in Kenya and the competition was not high as today. DJ Shinski has decided to remind you of those days with his new mix titled Kenyan Throwback Old School Local Genge Mix Vol 1

Mix Vol 1 mp3 download

The majority of these songs were released between 2000 and 2006, while I was a senior in high school. I first fell in love with Kenya because it was the dominant musical force in Rwanda and the entire EAC. I continue to rock out to this type of music today.

Gratitude to Nyanshiski, Nameless, Amani, Juacali, E Sir, Nazizi, essential noise, Avril, Maddtrax, Nonini, and many of those musicians who helped define my adolescence.

Enjoy watching the video here





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